Sponsors of Exeter Cookery School

The following amazing companies sponsor us in a variety of ways. Without them, we would not be here.

Sapphire Spaces, Topsham: kitchens

Mark and Alex Newbury are the driving force behind Sapphire Spaces – one of the most exclusive and highly regarded kitchen showrooms in the South West. Based near Exeter in the picturesque coastal town of Topsham in Devon, their showroom is a vision of minimalist design. Responsible for the supply and fit of our stunning teaching kitchen here at Exeter Cookery School, they are the epitome of friendly efficient service.

Mark and Alex Newberry of Sapphire Spaces at Exeter Cookery School

Gaggenau London: large appliances

When Gaggenau London sent their top sales manager and their chief tech guru down to Devon to speak exclusively to us about supplying their state of the art appliances, we sat up and took notice. They didn’t beat around the bush and within an hour of meeting, we had agreed to have our kitchen fully equipped with £150K worth of top of the range kit that included their brand new Combi-Steam oven and their Sousvide vacuum drawer.

Gaggenau have provided Exeter Cookery School with state-of-the-art appliances

Clifton Food Range, Weston-Super-Mare: low temperature water baths

Family run Clifton Food Range started making water baths for the medical industry and now also make water baths and circulators for chefs the world over (their bath’s distinctive orange handles are seen by millions watching numerous TV cookery programmes). Accurate to +/- 0.1 C°, water baths are a great tool for cooking meat to pink or fall-off-the-bone perfection, as well as compressing and safely storing raw and cooked produce. Clifton are based at an unassuming factory unit in Weston-super-Mare and claim to be employing some of the same staff for 30 years. They generously provided us with their Clifton At Home range of water baths designed exclusively for the domestic home customer and we plan to run a series of domestic targeted sous vide courses in 2017.

Clifton at Home water bath at Exeter Cookery School (Photo: Steve Haywood)

Bosch small appliances

We are very proud to be supported by sponsors Bosch, who have provided all our small electrical appliances. This covers all our course needs with a range of state-of-the-art food processors, stand mixers, hand mixers, stick blenders, worktop blenders and juicers. Incredibly sturdy and robust, these machines are definitely up to the job, but are perfectly suited to domestic use. They look pretty cool, too!

Bosch small appliances at Exeter Cookery School (Photo by Steve Haywood)

ADI Trading with Fortessa

The extremely affable Ian Bailey of ADI Trading generously supplies our beautiful and stylish tableware, glassware, serve-ware and cutlery. After a busy morning’s cooking, our students can sit down to a sumptuous (self-cooked) meal served on the finest china, sup form sparkling crystal and eat with cool-looking steel cutlery.

Exeter Cookery School

I.O.Shen: knives

Japanese steel, German manufacture, British importer – what better combination can a chef ask for. Incredibly cool with a stylised quasi-oriental handle design, the knives are beautifully balanced and weighted. What’s more, they are ultra sharp and stay that way for multiple sessions – ideal for us in our busy teaching kitchen with fast turnaround between courses.

I.O.Shen knives at Exeter Cookery School

Multivac & vacit.com

Known to chefs and food professionals the world over, Multi-vac is a byword for chamber-type vacuum packing machines. Used in conjunction with our Clifton Food Range water baths and a rigid food storage regime, we know that our food and dishes will be cooked and stored safely and efficiently.

Vacit.com at Exeter Cookery School

Life Coldline: blast chiller

Where would we be without our Life Coldline blast chiller?! With classes sometimes lasting just a couple of hours (other class sizes are available), we often need to rapily chill down certain dishes cooked by our students before they take them home to show off their new-found skills to family and friends. Ice cream custard, sauces, meat dishes, etc, that need to be chilled quickly are easily achieved in a matter of minutes. The Life Coldline range also incorporates a blast freezer as well as many other functions that the home cook would use. It also tempers chocolate, a god-send on our Chocolate workshop!

Coldline blast chiller courtesy of Hearth and Cook

Companies and people who have been incredibly generous with their time and have gone beyond the call to deliver our beautiful cookery school on budget:

Attention Media

Sarah Jepson and her tirelessly hardworking team have supported Exeter Cookery School from the outset. Not only was the pre-launch they organised instrumental in placing us firmly on the map with regards to local VIPs, but while doing so they also introduced us to Sapphire Spaces, an all-important connection that we would not be the same without. The company has provided invaluable support with launching the Exeter Cookery School brand, as well as widening our reach with key marketing strategic advice. Their enthusiasm and energy knows no bounds. Attention Media has also provided top notch SEO and digital marketing support.  

Attention Media has supported Exeter Cookery School from pre-launch through to launch strategy and beyond

Project Heating: heating engineers

David Tripp, MD of Marsh Barton heating engineers Project Heating knows his stuff and will brook no nonsense when it comes to the use and fit of quality equipment. We presented David with a unique problem: to install underfloor heating and exposed cooker ventilation in our 1830’s grade II listed canal-side cookery school and make it work quietly and reliably from day one. Once a course of action was decided on, neither hell nor high water would put David and his friendly team off from doing anything short of a totally professional job.

Wannells: electrical installation

Steve Hudd owns and runs one of the best electrical installers in the South West. Friendly, knowledgeable and generous with his time, Steve oversaw the extensive and complex fit out of our high-end cookery school. His electricians swarmed over the building installing thousands of metres of cable, hundreds of light and power fittings and a top-end fire alarm and smoke detector system. Flaunting one of the best mullets in Devon, Steve would turn his hand to whatever electrical problem we threw at him including converting all our vintage Russian ship lights to modern safety standards.