Steak and Mushroom (Forestiere) Pie
This steak and mushroom (or forestiere) pie recipe is perfect for serving to loved ones. The filling is luxurious, rich and super satisfying.
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Meat Ragout Sauce
Try this family favourite recipe for ragout sauce with a generous helping of pasta for a satisfying spaghetti Bolognese or penne dish.
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Cheese, Onion & Bacon Quiche
Learn how to make quiche with this quick and easy recipe from Exeter Cookery School
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Southern Style Fried Chicken
Enjoy a taste of the deep South of America with this Southern Style Fried Chicken recipe, a winning family dinner.
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Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns: Served as a classic Easter treat with lashings of butter, these traditional spiced, sticky glazed fruit buns with pastry crosses will delight the family.
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Vietnamese Summer Rolls
A light, fresh recipe for summer rolls, a firm favourite on our half day Vietnamese Street Food cookery class at Exeter Cookery School.
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Soda Bread
Traditional soda bread is made with just bicarb and buttermilk. However, it can be hard to find buttermilk, so I’ve adapted the recipe to use baking powder and semi
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How to Make Your Own Butter
If you can't get hold of some butter but do have cream, why not try this simple home-made butter recipe. It's easy, quick to make and delicious.
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Chipotle Chicken
Try this favourite recipe from our Mexican Street Food cookery course - pulled chipotle chicken with a delicious smokey flavour and using succulent chicken thigh meat.
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Devon Scones
Try this simple but delicious recipe for scones - to be enjoyed in your garden with a healthy dollop of cream and then Jam (we are in Devon, you know).
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