Learn how to make delicious, luxurious ice cream and get to choose any flavour your heart desires on our ice cream making cookery class

Half Day Ice Cream & Sorbet Making Course

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Course Details

£ 65.00 P/P INC VAT

Half Day (morning: 9.30am to 12/afternoon: 2pm to 4.30pm)

techniques learned :

  • Cook-ahead methods

  • Making Crème Anglaise with various flavours

  • Cooking and straining fruit purees

  • Creating an unctuous mouth feel

  • Freezing and churning methods

  • Storing methods

  • Serving at the correct temperature

  • Serving suggestions

  • Scooping, making a rochet

  • Presentation

Course Overview

Half Day Ice Cream & Sorbet Making Course

Let’s get one thing straight: eating ice cream is about experiencing that luxurious cool texture and rich tongue-coating flavour we never forget from childhood. And herein lies the secret to making and serving great ice cream: it’s about using full-fat cream, free-range egg yolks, sugar and strong natural flavourings. Forget your skimmed milk, reduced sugar, yoghurt-based grainy horrors – we’re talking full-on guilty pleasure here! 

But, making ice cream brings with it a fear of curdling the custard base which can put a lot of cooks off. So, on your Half Day Ice Cream & Sorbet Making Course, you’ll learn how to make a perfect Crème Anglaise custard base, but with a little twist that makes use of a small amount of natural chemistry knowledge.

Don’t worry, we won’t be using any weird chemicals, but you will gain a fascinating glimpse into the world of proteins, sugars and gels. And it never fails!

We’ll answer a few questions, too – for instance: what makes a custard curdle, and what, if anything, can be done to rectify it; is there a correct temperature at which to serve ice cream; how to achieve that professional smooth finish, but without having to buy expensive gadgets.

If you think ice cream making is just a summer activity, then you should try Jim’s Christmas pudding ice cream. You can learn how to make some festive ice creams and sorbets to wow friends and family during the seasonal festivities, from bonfire night through to Valentine’s Day.


These are examples of the kind of dishes you could be making

  • Vanilla, cinnamon, basil, black pepper, ginger, chocolate and soft-fruit ice creams

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