On the Exeter Cookery School Boulangerie Cookery Course you will learn how to create croissant, pains au raisins & pains au chocolat

One Day French Boulangerie Favourites Cooking Course

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Course Details

£ 155 P/P INC VAT

One Day (9.30am to 4.30pm)

techniques learned :

  • Making yeasted croissant dough

  • Rolling and shaping croissants, pain au raisins & pain au chocolat

  • Creme Patissiere (vanilla pastry cream)

  • Working with yeast

  • Laminating croissant dough

  • Flavouring

  • Seasoning

  • Tricks of the trade

Course Overview

One Day French Boulangerie Favourites Cooking Course

What do you do on the first morning of your long-awaited French holiday? If you’re anything like us you seek out a popular cafe or patisserie, pull up a chair, sit down in the sun and order your first croissant of the year!

If you’ve been to France before you’ll know that the locals eat theirs just as they are, or dunk them into a bowl of hot cafe crème. We Brits like ours with a knob of butter and a spoon of jam, but either way there’s no denying the exquisite pleasure that is the archetypal French breakfast.

But, returning home for work on Monday, France seems a million miles away. So what better than to knock up a batch of croissants in order to relive your moment in the sun? And while you’re at it, you may as well make some other staples as well.

That’s where we come in: we’ll show you how to make authentic croissants and, using the same dough, you’ll also create some pain aux raisins and pains au chocolat. While we’re on a roll (pun intended), we’ll also make some crusty baguettes to have with lunch.

And who knows, maybe we’ll even get to sit in the sun!

These are examples of the kind of dishes you could be making

  • Croissants

  • Pain aux Raisins

  • Pains au Chocolat

  • French baguettes

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