Polenta Cake, which you will learn how to create on the delicious freefrom vegan cookery course at the beautiful Exeter Cookery School with Belinda Connolly.

One Day Gluten / Sugar-free Vegan Cookery with Belinda Connolly

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Course Details

£ 155.00 P/P INC VAT

One Day (9.30am to 4.30pm)

techniques learned :

  • How to combine different freefrom ingredients in new ways

  • Balancing nutritious Freefrom, vegan meals

  • How to create flavoursome vegan freefrom food

  • Gluten free bread and pastry making

Course Overview

Inspirational gluten/sugar-free vegan cookery with Belinda Connolly

On this delicious ‘freefrom’ cookery course (which is also naturally vegan), you will learn how to make a wide range of exciting dishes without gluten, dairy, eggs or sugar which look and taste every bit as yummy as ‘normal’ food…if not more so! All in the beautiful surroundings of Exeter Cookery School at the heart of Exeter quayside. 

Vegan Fruity Teasecake, which you will make on the vegan cookery course at Exeter Cookery SchoolThe deliciously Freefrom cookery course….

Hosted by guest chef tutor Belinda Connolly, author of The Deliciously Conscious Cookbook, this wide ranging wholefood freefrom cookery course will comprise cookery demonstrations and in the most part also hands-on Freefrom cookery techniques. Tasty versatile dishes including starters, snacks, teatime and supper dishes form the core of the day and include baking in the form of cake making, pastry and breadmaking. These are all areas of technical interest to the ‘freefrom’ home cook and perhaps of special interest to those who want to make lifestyle changes and need more confidence to make a successful transition. The recipes themselves will also be of interest to those who have some experience in freefrom cookery well.

The course will begin by you making a fruity Teasecake for dessert, followed by a demonstration on how to make Dal Fritters with a lime & tofu yoghurt sauce plus gluten-free thyme pastry for use after lunch.

A useful high protein low carb Quinoa bread loaf follows…

Next the group will have fun shaping and frying Pink Flush Falafels using nutritious raw sprouted chickpeas plus assembling the accompanying Lemon Tahini sauce. By absorbing tips and using less familiar ingredients you will gain in proficiency as you progress throughout the day.

Next we will make together Char Grilled Polenta Slice with Tapenade for lunch.

After lunch you will learn less well known techniques essential to gluten-free, sugarfree and vegan baking and cuisine, such as successful egg and sugar substitutions, nutritious gluten-free flour blends and we will make Iced Sweet Potato & Jamaican Orange Muffins followed by Aduki Bean Brownies with Chocolate Avocado Icing plus Spinach & Toffuti tartlets to take home.

You’ll receive a folder containing a basic nutritional fact sheet, ingredient source list plus the recipes you have cooked and if we have time our guest chef tutor, Belinda Connolly, will participate in a Q &A session about how to convert your favourite non-freefrom recipes, so please bring one with you.

The Exeter Cookery School ‘freefrom’ cooking class also includes learning how to make tasty sauces and icings using innovative recipes for the whole family plus how to integrate ‘freefrom’ ingredients into your everyday lifestyle.

Author of The Deliciously Conscious Cookbook, Belinda Connolloy, will be hosting a series of vegan and freefrom cookery classes at Exeter Cookery School

Aduki Bean Brownies with Chocolate Avocado Icing











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These are examples of the kind of dishes you could be making

  • Fruity Teasecake

  • Dal Fritters with a lime & tofu yoghurt sauce

  • Spinach & Ricotta Tartlets

  • Pink Flush Falafels

  • Lemon Tahini sauce

  • Char Grilled Polenta Slice

  • Tapenade

  • Iced Sweet Potato & Jamaican Orange Muffins

  • Aduki Bean Brownies with Chocolate Avocado Icing

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